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Client Testimonials - For Villamartin Hypnotherapist,
Mark Phoenix Murphy

Dear Mark
I felt strongly that I must write to you following my attendance at your Villamartin Clinic where you helped me to become a non smoker.
It is now a few weeks since I attended your clinic with the express aim of stopping smoking once and for all. Since my attendance at your clinic I have not even had the mildest desire to smoke. I cannot explain what or how it all works and really it is of little importance to me as to how the approach works. It is simply good enough for me to know that I am now a non smoker and it feels great!!
You have helped me to overcome a habit which I have battled with for many years. What surprises me is that it has been all so simple. In one sitting and in the space of a relaxing and restful one hour session, without the use of expensive nicotine replacement chewing gum, etc., you have helped me to free myself of this annoying and idiotic habit. Thank you. I really am in your debt.
It was particularly important for me to stop smoking. I have five beautiful children along with a loving and beautiful wife. I want to continue to enjoy my life's experience with my family and smoking was surely taking that away from me. Not only was there the increased risk of premature death through the poison I was ingesting through smoking cigarettes but I was also distanced from my children and my wife as I always smelt of stale tobacco and was fearful that the children and my wife were also being poisoned through second hand smoke and the residue of poisons that remained on my clothes and skin. I cannot understand how I could have been so selfish for so long in remaining a smoker.
If there is anybody reading this, who is considering your smoking cessation treatment and wondering whether it is worth becoming a non smoker, let me tell them that I have seen huge improvements in my life in the very short space of time since I have become a non smoker.
My general feeling of well being is better. My intimate relationship with my wife is vastly improved. I play more and enjoy more with my children. My concentration has improved. I get things done faster. My work is easier. My stamina and energy are boundless. My enjoyment of food is better. My sense of taste and smell has improved. My skin is even better - when I shave I shave closer and cleaner. I would even go as far as saying my eyesight has improved!
(Perhaps I should not be saying this to you, but I think your charges are too low. I would have paid you three times what I paid you to be finally free of the disgusting horrible nasty filthy habit that is called smoking.)
Mark - thank you, thank you, thank you. I really appreciate what you have done for me.
I would be more than happy for you to show these comments to anyone who is considering becoming a non smoker. In fact I feel so strongly about this that I would be more than happy to talk to anyone directly on the telephone if they wish to verify my comments. My number is 0044 7768 511597 (UK Mobile)
Very Best Wishes
Keep Doing What You Are Doing - You Make a Difference!
Rory Byrne



Hi Mark. Beginning of November you stopped myself and my wife from smoking; both still stopped no problem. Just a quick note to say thank you very much. It has been so easy. Many thanks.
Frank & Kath Spruce


My partner Paul and I decided a long time ago that we both really needed to quit smoking. Neither of us have any will power, I don't like chewing gum so nicotine gum was out of the question, and Paul had tried the patches in the past and hadn't got on with them (he came out in a rash and continued to smoke whilst wearing them, not a good idea!) With all of the above options ruled out, the only way we could think to break the habit was hypnotherapy.

Paul and I made an appointment to see Mark Phoenix and I am happy to say that both of us are off the cigarettes and neither of us have the desire to smoke. It's strange, after 30 years of smoking, (in my case that is, for Paul 20 years), it's now something we used to do but no longer have the need or want to continue with.
Mark Phoenix is a very caring person and is there for you every step of the way in case you feel that you might relapse. I must admit, I did suffer a bit at first with cravings but went back to Mark for a booster session and am absolutely fine now. Hypnosis isn't magic, you do really need to WANT to give up smoking. But if you do, I can highly recommend hypnosis as a quick and effective way of quitting.

Paul and Debbie


Text message
Hi Mark, it's Kevin. I came to see you approx. five weeks ago to stop smoking. Haven't had one since then. Thanks for therapy. Speak to you soon. Kevin



I just thought I would give you a quick call. My family and friends want to know what you have done to me! They are amazed and so am I. I have not even wanted a cigarette since seeing you at Villamartin 3 months ago....
I am forever in your debt.
Thank you.

Roger Moore Sucina


Hi Mark, it's Jean here. Well it has 3 months since we stopped smoking, and Slim and I feel a lot healthier. No smoker's cough in a morning, no stale smells of smoke on the clothes we wear, the house smells cleaner, and food does taste better. We would recommend everybody to give up the way we have. You made it so easy for us and now life does feel better without that awful little white stick ruling our lives. So for anyone reading this make up your mind. See Mark and enjoy a smoke free life.

Cheers mate, I saw you in May for your stop smoking hypnotherapy and its worked!


I gladly shake your hand.  I  want to say that you have given me back control from a habit that actually was so easy to break with your help.
Anybody concerned about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and stopping smoking,  go and see Mark, he doesn’t rush you through, he takes time explains stuff that I was not even aware of, then he relaxes you into hypnosis.  Then I simply became a Non smoker it was  as easy as that.
PAUL  joint owner of The Havana Bar Villamartin.


Thanks for helping me become a non smoker. I chose you over a couple of other hypnotists in the area as I had heard good things about your methods. You personalised my session to give it added power, Thanks for that.
I recommend you regularly  to my customers and friends

Chris Biggs




Weight loss


Hello Mark Just wanted to let you know "it's working!".Since I saw you I have lost just over a stone in weight and am feeling much more positive and motivated. I have noticed I am more active and now feel like doing more and I am not thinking about food the way I used to.It has been really effortless to lose the weight. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks for your help Just to confirm that I am happy for you to use my email for promotional purposes as long as you don't use my surname or address.
Take care

Analysis clients
Mark, thank you so much. I really believe if it was not for you, I would not be here right now. You helped me get rid of a horrible symptom, which stopped me going out in public. Before I saw you I suffered from an embarrassing problem, which then brought on panic attacks. After 11 weeks of analysis with you I am in control, I have now put back on the 3 stone that I lost due to the stress of my problem. The last 6 months have been like a breath of fresh air. I thoroughly recommend you to any potential clients out there, reading my letter. PLEAS,E PLEASE get help from Mark. He has changed my life. He could change yours too. Thanks again Mark.

Mr A B San Miguel


Hi Mark
I hope you are well. I gave it a full two to three weeks before contacting you and am happy to say that I am still calm. I think I will always have a bit OTT love and concern for my children which maybe isn't such a bad thing. I am much more normal and can see a huge difference over the past months.

When I met you in October I was desperate. I was existing and not living.  Every moment worried something bad would happen to me and my family.  Having an irrational fear of everything and everyone. The only way I can describe it is all my nerves being cut at the end and being a nervous wreck physically and emotionally. There was situations in my life that led me to this irrational fear and Id had counselling which did help for a short period of time. I was desperate to get started with the sessions to try and get some help. The most scary part is that you feel the worst things will happen to you and live every moment as if they have. You know you can't doing anything to stop things happening and your anxiety is in vain, but uncontrollable.
I enjoyed every session and always looked forward to the next one as I always felt more relaxed afterwards. I was desperate to get better and being impatient I was concerned that I wouldn't get better. Every week made a difference and a lot of soul searching went on. A lot of things came to mind that you seem to forget about but actually has affected you in the past. I am a lot more calm and a lot lot less anxious. I am living every day now and trying to enjoy everything I do with all the people I do it.
The last few sessions it was as if something clicked and the extreme panic in my heart and head was gone. I am having a much more normal life now and would really like to thank you for all your help.
Anyway I genuinely thank you for all your help over the past months and have been recommending you.
Thanks again
Take care


Hi Mark,
I came to see you a few months ago, I had been feeling withdrawn, tearful, depressed. I just did not want to get up in the morning.

It broke my heart even more because I have two wonderful children and an amazing husband, but I just could not function as a mother or wife or even as a normal happy person. I felt lost.

I  just wanted you to know that , I had tried other methods of therapy over the years, your analysis has finally made find myself.  I have become more assertive, happy, Mark I function now. Thank you

I recommend you highly to any person reading this, please please don’t waste your time or money, before  speaking  to Mark first, all I can say he has changed me into the person I should have been along time ago.


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